Spirit Model Mgmt is a boutique mother agency located in the heart of New York City. We maintain a foundation of inclusion by discovering spirits who reflect the kaleidoscope of the world around us. Our objective is to develop, guide, and seek local/international placements for our spirits who nourish and broaden the spectrum of beauty, today.

Founder, Iman Mariah is an internationally represented fashion model from The Bronx, NY. With her first hand experience in the industry, she provides the knowledge and empathy necessary to ensure the forward momentum of her spirits.

“Nurture, support, and understanding is one can ever hope for.”

-Iman Mariah

Vegas Giovanni, Co-founder of Spirit Model Mgmt is an established and sought after photographer from Atlanta, Georgia. With a BFA in Photography from the prestigious SCAD University, he possesses the visual proficiency that aid in the development of his spirits.

“There’s more to photography than just a click of a button.”

-Vegas Giovanni